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After 48 years in business we no longer carry out any pest control work, due to retirement mainly and to bad payers, the worst culprit was a property owner on the outskirts of Derby, House name of Christmas Cottage. She clearly was not going to pay even though we carried out two jobs for the price of one. We were trading under the name of Double R Pest Control when we carried out that particular job. We gave her the chance to pay cash at the time or by card reader, she knew there was no signal and said she had no cash, and as such we gave her a chance to pay by bax as the details were on the bottom of the invoice. To this date even after chasing the non payment (three years later) we still have not been paid our £45 for the work. This was the last job we carried out as a business, due to the general attitude of some customers, especially a lot of those with rat problems that were in denial that they were helping to cause the problems.
However we had some really good customers and i would like to thank all of them for their custom.
Formerly trading as
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